Spain Under 21 squad

Spain's under 21 side also has two important European Championship matches next week , at home to Bosnia-Herzegovina at Ponferrada (León) on 1st June and away against Israel at Yaffo on 5th June. The following 17 players were named in the squad:

Keepers: Aranzubia (Athletic Bilbao), Reina (Barcelona)

Defenders: Bermudo (Barcelona), Marchena (Benfica), Coira (Celta), Lopo (Espanyol), Jusué (Osasuna), Boris (Oviedo)

Midfielders: Orbaiz and Yeste (Athletic Bilbao), Gabri and Xavi (Barcelona), Colsa (Racing), Vicente (Valencia)

Forwards: Pablo Couñago (Celta/Ipswich), Aganzo (Extremadura/Real Madrid), Guayre (Las Palmas)

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