Under 18 squad

Spain have named a 20 man squad for the European under 18 championship which is taking place in Finland later this month. Atlético Madrid's new star Fernando Torres is the big absence, the striker breaking his collar bone in the Spanish cup semi-final last month. Some of the players have already made their debuts in the first teams, including Barcelona's keeper Víctor Valdés and forward Nano, Real Madrid's defender Rubén González, Valencia midfielder Libero Parri and Mallorca's midfielder Alberto Riera, not forgetting Barcelona midfielder Mikel Arteta, currently on loan to PSG.

Spain will play in group B, and have the following matches in the initial league stage: 22nd July: Poland; 24th July: Denmark; 26th July: Belgium. The group winners will play the winners of group A (Finland, Czech Republic, Ukraine and Yugoslavia) in the final on 29th July, with a third and fourth placed play off the same day. The full squad is as follows:

Athletic Bilbao: Bordas, Javi López
Atlético Madrid: Elías, Mario
Barcelona: Nano, Navarro, Perona, Víctor
Espanyol: Albert, Jacinto
Mallorca: Roberto, Riera
Oviedo: Paredes
Paris Saint Germain: Arteta
Real Madrid: Rubén
Real Sociedad: Zibiaurre
Valladolid: Oscar
Valencia: Diego Alegre, Parri
Villarreal: Galindo. (07.07.01)

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