Clubs meet payment deadline

It was a mad rush, but eventually everyone made the July 31st deadline to be up to date with payments to the players. With 24 hours remaining, seven clubs had still not reached settlements with their squads and were in danger of being relegated down two divisions by the authorities.

Second division A side Sporting Gijon managed to reach an agreement with the local council and the tax authorities to sell their training ground and club trademark, and paid the money over to the players on the last day. So did Compostela, who finished in the bottom four of the same division last season and were relegated anyway.

In the second division B, five clubs just made it, with Linense, Torrelavega, Gaudix, Linares and finally San Fernando presenting the relevant documentation minutes before the offices closed.

Many clubs are still financially strapped though. For example the Las Palmas squad refused at first to leave on their tour of Galicia until other back payments were made. The struggle goes on. (01.08.01)

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