Under 17 world cup squad

Atlético Madrid's exciting new striker Fernando Torres has been included in Spain's under 17 squad for the upcoming world cup in Trinidad and Tobago, despite attempts by the club to get him excluded. The squad is based on the under 16 team which won the European championships in the North of England in May. The 18 players chosen are as follows:

Tarantino (Athletic Bilbao), Fernando Torres, Sergio Torres (Atlético Madrid), Iniesta (Barcelona), Melli (Betis), Senel (Celta), Carlos García (Espanyol), Guillermo Bauzá, Moya (Mallorca), Flaño (Osasuna), Beto Ortíz (Racing Santander), Jesús Fernández, Diego León, Palencia (Real Madrid), Larrea (Real Sociedad), Pepe (Sabadell), Gavilán (Valencia), Zaparaín (Zaragoza).

The competition runs from 13th to 30th September. (01.09.01)

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