International Matches - Under 20

Spain 4 - Uzbekistan 1

Spain: Moya (Riesgo 46'); Javier Flaño (Alexis 46'), Goikoetxea, Jarque (Carlos García 46'), Peña; Juanlu (Corominas 46'), Angulo, Sergio Torres, Solabarrieta (Pina 65'); Sergio García, Jonan García (Toche 46'). 4-4-2.

Goals: 1-0. 22. Juanlu; 2-0. 48. Carlos García; 2-1. 49. Carlos García (own goal); 3-1. 86. Pina; 4-1. 87. Toche.

Francisco de la Hera stadium, Extremadura. Spain won their world cup warm up game against Uzbekistan with a good display of football, particularly in the second half when they scored three goals. Juanlu gave them the lead in the first half from Solabarrieta's cross, and Carlos García, one of five half time substitutes, got on the end of a centre from his team mate Colominas to add the second. The Espanyol defender scored in his own net a minute later after a misunderstanding with his keeper, but Pina and Toche scored twice in the closing minutes to wrap up the match. Uzbekistan will be one of Spain's group opponents in the World Cup in the Emirates, although there are now doubts about whether it will take place at all due to the current crisis in Iraq.

Spanish squad:
Riesgo (Eibar), Moyà (Mallorca)
Defenders: Goikoetxea (Athletic Bilbao), Peña (Barcelona), Carlos García, Jarque (Espanyol), Alexis (Málaga), Javier Flaño (Osasuna)
Midfielders: Sergio Torres (Atlético Madrid), Solabarrieta (Athletic Bilbao), Angulo (Basconia), Corominas (Espanyol), Juanlu (Valencia), Pina (Zaragoza)
Forwards: Jonan García (Athletic Bilbao), Toche (Atlético Madrid), Sergio García (Barcelona).