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Real Madrid's surprise rejection of Milito on medical grounds was the talking point of the week. Several names have been touted as replacements, including Ayala, Cannavaro, Samuel and Stamm, but the club say they are not in a hurry, especially as prices tend to rise when a potential seller knows that the Spanish club are in the marketplace. Meanwhile Milito moves on to the club who wanted to sign him in the first place, Zaragoza, although they did apparently insist on a let-out clause in case the injury proves to be serious.

Otherwise it has been a relatively quiet week given that we are in the height of the transfer period, with several big names touted around but nothing concrete. Atlético Madrid confirmed Manzano as their new manager and he was replaced at Mallorca by Jaime Pacheco, so at least all the managers are now in place. Both clubs are expected to be active in the transfer market in the next few days. (26.07.03)

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