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One of this summer's soap operas has come to an end with the transfer of Roy Makaay to Bayern Munich. Depor president Lendoiro squeezed them to the last minute though, and only when he pre-registered the player for the Champions League qualifier did the German side give in and pay the €18.75 million euros transfer fee. The agreement also allows for further payments depending on the future success of the player and the club.

That leaves one other long standing "culebrón", the possible double transfer of Ibagaza and Novo to Atlético Madrid. Atlético are offering €6 million plus Colsa and Nagore: Mallorca have asked them to throw in Movilla too. However if Eto'o goes to Chelsea, the islanders may want to hold on to the rest of their stars. The fat lady hasn't even arrived at the theatre yet.

The relegation of Oviedo to the third division for non-payment of debts means that all the players are free agents. Several have moved on this week, including Losada (Valladolid), Esteban (Sevilla), Oli (Cádiz) and Angel (Córdoba). A great pity and it could signal the end of an old and highly respected club. (10.08.03)

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