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Late news: Our utmost apologies. It appears that the good gentlemen of the federation have for once decided to work overtime over the weekend without letting too many people know. The transfer window will therefore close at midnight on Sunday, in line with most leagues in Europe. The last minute moves/rumours so far are as follows:
McManaman: Real Madrid to Man City
Emerson: Atlético to Rangers (Wolves deal off)
Carew: Valencia to Roma
Ayala: Move from Valencia to Real Madrid still not done
Stam, Metzelder: Alternatives to Ayala if deal fails??
Makelele: Real Madrid to Chelsea, move back on??
Ibagaza: Mallorca to Atlético, Colsa in part exchange
Djorovic: Deportivo to Elche
Gudjonnson: Betis to Wolves
Carlos: Mallorca to Sevilla
Solari: Close to signing for Lazio
Morientes: Could go on loan to Monaco??
Bobson: Breda to Espanyol
Martín Posse: Espanyol to Tenerife
Jensen: Heerenveen to Murcia

Only 24 hours to go, and things are starting to hot up. Munitis has agreed terms to rescind his contract at Real Madrid, and he immediately signed for Deportivo, who are finally moving after securing their place once again in the Champions League. They already signed Uruguay's first choice keeper Munúa, and Juanmi therefore moves on to Real Murcia. Barcelona's Frank Rijkaard has got the left back he wanted, Arsenal's Van Bronckhorst, and he has finally been able to place Riquelme on loan at Villarreal.

The biggest news though as always is at Real Madrid, where the ranks of the galactic superstars is to be increased by one, Valencia's Ayala. With Makelele almost certain to go to Chelsea, that could mean Helguera could move forward. always assuming they don't sign anyone else that is. Valencia in the meantime continue to offload to save on big salaries, with Kily González moving on a free transfer to Inter Milan. Atlético Madrid have also got the man they have been trying to sign for a couple of years, Ibagaza. It is not sure though who, if anyone, will go in part exchange. All this has to be decided in the next few hours though. The gates close at midnight tomorrow, and after that no transfers are allowed until the end of December . (28.08.03)

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