Transfer rumours

Less than a week to go before the transfer window opens, but even so there has been little movement on the market. Only the league's bottom two clubs Espanyol and Real Murcia have been active over the last few days, and they are both expected to sign four or five new players before the window closes again at eight o'clock on the evening on 2nd February.

Espanyol have virtually given up hopes of signing Rivaldo, but are still chasing Kily González. In the meantime Luis Fernández has been raiding the French market, signing up Bassila and Pochettino and possibly Lyon keeper Vercoutre.

Murcia meanwhile have taken on Osasuna's Gancedo and Ecuador international Iván Hurtado, and are moving to tie up Barcelona keeper Bonano. They also are considering a new striker, with Valencia's Juan Sánchez a candidate. (26.12.03)

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