Transfer news

A few weeks since our last report (sorry), and the transfer market has taken off with a bang, crash and a larger than average wallop. At the moment many sides are getting their new managers on board for the next campaign before deciding on the composition of their squads, and there has been the usual merry-go-round of names, Ranieri from Chelsea to Valencia (and Benítez to Liverpool?), César Ferrando from Albacete to Atlético Madrid, Gregorio Manzano from Atlético Madrid to Málaga, Fernando Vázquez from Valladolid to Celta, etc., etc. As expected Camacho returned to take over Real Madrid, and we are waiting with baited breath to see what he decides on Morientes, Roberto Carlos and, well ..... a host of other things that need deciding on. He won't have Valdano to help him though, the flamboyant general manager deciding to fall on his own sword to take the blame for their poor end to the season. (09.06.04)

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