International Matches - Under 19

A new crop of youngsters were called up for two friendly matches against Germany on 15 and 17 September in Ratingen and Duisburg respectively. Spain won both games, the first thanks to two penalties and the second thanks to a hat-trick from Osasuna's Raúl García.

Germany 0 - Spain 2

Spain: Manu; Guardado, Pablo (César 55'), Ezequiel, Torrejón; Carmona, Markel (Pallardó 67'), Verza (Marc 58'), David Silva (Raúl 85'); David Rodríguez (David Pérez 80'), Jurado. 4-4-2.

Goals: 0-1. 20 Silva (Pen); 0-2. 57. Jurado (Pen).

Germany 1 - Spain 4

Spain: Roberto; Guardado, Torrejón, Rubén, Monreal; Carmona (César 67'), Markel (Pallardó 56'), Marc (Jurado 52'), David Silva (Marcos 70'); David Pérez (David Rodríguez 46'), Raúl García. 4-4-2.

Goals: 0-1. 25. Raúl; 0-2. 48. Raúl; 1-2. 53. Polanski; 1-3. 67. Raúl; 1-4. 87. César.


The initial squad which was called up was as follows:

Goalkeepers: Roberto (Atlético), Manu (Sporting);
Defenders: Raúl Llorente (Atlético), Ezequiel (Cádiz), Sergio and Torrejón (Espanyol), Guardado (Sporting), Pablo Gallardo (Sevilla);
Midfielders: Marc (Barcelona), Sisi (Hércules), Carmona (Mallorca), Markel (Real Sociedad), David Silva and Pallardó (Valencia), Marcos and Verza (Villarreal);
Forwards: David Rodríguez (Atlético), Raúl García (Osasuna), Jurado (Real Madrid), David Pérez (Zaragoza).