Copa del Rey (Spanish Cup) 2005/2006

The Spanish cup competition is expected to keep it's format once again this year. The two earlier rounds are played over one leg at the ground of the lesser division side, with all first division teams entering the competition from the first round together with second division A teams and winners from a preliminary round involving the top teams from second division B and the third division.

First division teams are seeded in the first two rounds, and clubs competing in European competitions are seeded from the last 16 stage.

The prelimiaries and the first two rounds are regionalized , with clubs first of all being sorted into four geographical sections before the draw is made. (19.07.05)

Important news: Last minute changes were agreed to the Copa del Rey competition after the qualifying round had already taken place. The new format means that first division clubs will enter at a later stage, and the first round will now only involve 20 second division A sides, with the smaller clubs who made it through the qualifying round playing the winners of those matches in a new second round. Eleven first division clubs will enter at the third round, and the nine clubs playing in European competitions join two rounds after that. (26.08.05)

The full details are as follows:

First phase: Qualifying round between the top sides from last season's second division B and the third division (already taken place).

Second phase: Four rounds, with matches to be played over one leg at the ground of the lower ranked side:

First round: This will only involve 20 first division clubs (all except Málaga B and Real Madrid B). Games will be played over one leg at the ground of the first named side.

Second round: The ten winners from round one join the 18 regional sides who got through the qualifying round, plus the four sides relegated from the second division A last season (Córdoba, Terrassa, Salamanca and Pontevedra), plus Real Unión and Zamora, who were exempt from the qualifying round. Second division A sides will be seeded to play away from home.

Third round: The 17 winners of the previous round will be joined by the eleven first division sides who did not qualify for European competitions (including Athletic Bilbao, who were invited to join the Intertoto Cup but did not qualify on merit).

Fourth round: The 14 winners of the previous round will meet over one leg, with first division sides seeded to play away.
NB. Date changed from 26 October to 9th November due to World Cup play-offs. Teams with international players will play their games on 30 November.

Final phase: The nine sides competiting in Europe (Barcelona, Real Madrid, Villarreal, Betis, Espanyol, Sevilla, Osasuna, Valencia and Deportivo) will enter the competition with the seven survivors from the first phase. Matches will be played over two legs, starting at the ground of the lower ranked sides, with "European" clubs seeded at the last sixteen stage but not afterwards.

Cup final: As the World Cup is taking place this summer, the cup final will be played on 12th April 2006. The venue will be decided at a later date.

PS. With only Zaragoza, Deportivo and Espanyol left in the competition, it was decided that this year's final will be played in Madrid, either at the Bernabeu stadium (Real Madrid permitting) or otherwise at the Calderón. (09.03.06)

  Preliminary round   14 / 21 Aug
  First round   31 Aug
  Second round   15 Sep
  Third round   20 Oct
  Fourth round   9 & 30 Nov
  Eighth-finals (two legs)   4/11 Jan
  Quarter-finals (two legs)   18/25 Jan
  Semi-finals (two legs)   1/8 Feb
  Final   12 Apr
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