International Matches - Under 22

Mediterranean Games, summer 2005

Spain will be putting out an "under 22" side to compete in the Mediterranean Games, which will be taking place in and around Almería from 23rd June to 3rd July this year. The managers have called up 24 players for pre-tournament training, who presumably will form the basis for the squad:

Goalkeepers: Cuéllar (Atlético), Rubén (Barcelona);
Defenders: Agus (Albacete), José Enrique (Levante), Jesús Gámez (Málaga), Ramís (Mallorca), Tarantino (Numancia), Javier Flaño and Miguel Flaño (Osasuna), Carlos García (Poli Ejido), Javi Fuego (Sporting Gijón);
Midfielders: Galdós (Athletic); Marqués and Sergio Torres (Atlético), Miki (Espanyol), Igor Angulo (Nàstic), Jacobo (Poli Ejido), Varela (Real Murcia), Larrea (Real Sociedad);
Forwards: Jonathan Carril (Deportivo), Arizmendi and Jonathan Valle (Racing), Manu Del Moral (Recreativo), Kepa (Sevilla).