Transfer rumours

The fax machine at the LFP was humming right up to midnight as clubs completed their last minute signings. Almost the last document to arrive was the one from Arsenal and Real Madrid confirming the swap loan deal between Reyes and Baptista, with Villarreal tying up Arsenal's Cygan and Levante taking on Luyindula and Geijo. However others couldn't be concluded, and the likes of Ronaldo, Helguera, Saviola, Ayala, Regueiro, Diego Tristán and Scaloni will be staying at their respective clubs (the latter two at least without shirt numbers). Those deals not reported earlier (see below) were as follows. (01.09.06)

Reyes, Arsenal to Real Madrid
Baptista, Real Madrid to Arsenal
Cygan, Arsenal to Villarreal
Luyindula, Olympique Marseille to Levante
Geijo, Xerez to Levante (via Málaga)
Juanma, Levante to Recreativo
Nagore, Levante to Numancia
Kluivert, Valencia to PSV Eindhoven
Fiore, Valencia to Torino
Javi Guerrero, Celta to Recreativo
Pablo Amo, Deportivo to Recreativo
Beto, Bordeaux to Recreativo
Ristic, Metallurg Donetsk to Málaga
Ernesto, Castilla to Málaga

A frantic rush as the transfer market approaches the deadline of midnight tonight. The following moves have been confirmed since our last report. (31.08.06)

Maniche, Dynamo Moscow to Atlético
Kezman, Atlético to Fenerbahçe
Ibagaza, Atlético to Mallorca
Musampa, Atlético to Trabzonspor
Velasco, Atlético to Espanyol
Van Bommel, Barcelona to Bayern Munich
Oliveira, Betis to AC Milan
Vogel, AC Milan to Betis
Odonkor, B. Dortmund to Betis
Sobis, Inter Porto Alegre to Betis
Oscar López, Betis to Nàstic
Roberto, Celta to Salamanca
Molina, Deportivo to Levante
Peixoto, Porto to Espanyol
Jajá, Getafe to Flamengo
Zigic, Red Star to Racing
Woodgate, Real Madrid to Middlesbrough
Gravesen, Real Madrid to Celtic
Pablo García, Real Madrid to Celta
Borja, Real Madrid to Valladolid
Juanfran, Real Madrid to Osasuna
Laquait, Charleroi to Recreativo
Sinama-Pongolle, Liverpool to Recreativo
Kluivert, contract rescinded at Valencia
Fuentes, Atlas to Villarreal
Sorín, Villarreal to Hamburg