Transfer rumours

With the market now closed, there has been little movement on the transfer front in the last month. Only Diego Tristán and Scaloni have found homes at Mallorca and Racing after agreeing terms to leave Deportivo, although Depor president Lendoiro didn't like the idea at all and is appealing to the authorities to block the moves. Lots of rumours though, especially when newspapers are looking to fill their pages during the international break, with if they are to be believed, Real Madrid will change half their squad when the transfer window reopens this winter!

No moves on the managerial front so far either, other than in the second division where there was the usual return of Chuchi Cos after Dmitri Piterman once more fell out with his coach, and in the last couple of days new bosses at Las Palmas and Hércules. As mentioned previously, clubs can only sign players who are unemployed or otherwise to replace other players with long term injuries, and Real Madrid, Barcelona and Deportivo may move to find substitutes for Cicinho, Eto'o and Bodipo. (12.10.06)