Transfer rumours

A week is a long time in politics they say, but it's even longer in football! Last weekend all reports were that Real Madrid would sign Robben, Ballack and probably Sneijder and sell Baptista, but that the Drenthe deal was almost certainly off. Seven days later Drenthe is apparently on his way to the Bernabeu and so is Sneijder, but Ballack now says he is happy to stay at Chelsea and Robben has been priced out of the market by his club (if only they could move the goalposts during the matches like they have been doing with this deal, they would be unbeatable!). At the same time press reports are that Baptista is staying on and Quaresma is apparently the new target, but who will know what you will be reading in these and other pages in a few days' time!

The other big news of the week was Valencia's signing of Racing Santander's Zigic for a fee which has been variously reported as between €17 and 20 million. With over €370 million already agreed in pre-season transfers (not counting outgoing), this summer has already beaten all previous records. (12.08.07)