Transfer rumours

Still little movement on the transfer market, with most clubs still picking up the pieces after the holiday break. That is not the case though for Levante, who are in a desperate situation both on and off the pitch. Several points adrift at the foot of the table, formal claims by members of their squad for unpaid wages mean they cannot register any new signings with the LFP, and players are leaving in droves. Storari, Cirillo and Savio have already agreed to pardon the debt in exchange for release from their contracts, and others are expected to follow. New faces could join (Cavallero for example was left out of the squad and could be given a shirt number if debts were settled), but they have less than three weeks to sort things out before the window closes again.

Otherwise the talk is about whether Real Madrid will let some of their lesser used players go and sign replacements (less and less likely), what will happen to Valencia rebels Albelda, Cañizares and Angulo (nothing new this week), and who will be Barcelona's new keeper. Getafe's Ustari cannot join now under league rules having played five domestic games for his club, and Celta's Pinto is the new favourite. Deportivo could sign new players if Lotina stays (which is not sure at all), and second division side Real Sociedad are in the market after a new president took over. Chris Coleman has at least agreed to stay on (despite his initial doubts) after the fans and players gave him their support. (12.01.08)