Transfer rumours

Barcelona are the early movers on the transfer front, with the acquisition of Daniel Alves and Martín Cáceres this week bringing their spending close to the €70 million mark. They have not finished yet though, and Trezeguet and Adebayor are just two of the names which have appeared in the press in the last few days. Giovani and Zambrotta moved on this week to make room, and others are expected to follow soon.

Most clubs though are waiting for the Euro 2008 competition to get under way, keeping an eye out for bargains which may appear on the shelves as the tournament progresses. Several of the Spanish squad are already in the shop window, with for example Xabi Alonso, Sergio García, Villa, Silva, Güiza and Fernando Navarro still not sure where they will be playing next season. Right now though they have to concentrate on the matter in hand! (07.06.08)