Transfer rumours

Our attempt at humour last week over Sepp Blatter's slave trade remarks appears to have upset some Manchester United fans. Sorry guys, no offence intended! The Cristian Ronaldo saga goes on though, and although Banco Santander are already preparing a €70 million finance package at Real Madrid's instructions, Sir Alex himself paid a visit to Ronaldo in Portugal to try and persuade him to stay on. The show ain't over yet!

One long standing issue which was resolved this week though was Ronaldinho's move from Barcelona to AC Milan, his preference despite a bigger bid from Manchester City. Everything was tied up for a fee of €21 million, plus €4 million more if Milan qualify for the Champions League next season, and we all hope that the change of air will help the man get over his much publicised problems and return to his old form.

Eto'o is the next conundrum for Guardiola, and he returns from holiday this weekend seeking explanations as to why he has to move on. Depending on which paper you read he is on his way to Valencia, Chelsea, Inter Milan or even Kuruvchi from Uzbekistan (?), and the issue of who is to replace him is also subject to a plethora of rumours. Club president Laporta just survived the vote of no confidence but lost some of his key negotiators after half of his board resigned, and that has affected some of the talks which were going on. Take your pick though from Adebayor, Arshevin, Berbatov, Trezeguet, Drogba, Martins or even Robinho, who will probably have to go to help pay for Ronaldo, and who has apparently been contacted by the Catalan club this week. (19.07.08)