International Matches - Under 17

Friendly tournament, Germany

Spain's under 17 side have been invited to take part in a friendly tournament in Germany in mid-September, together with the hosts, Italy and Holland. (11.09.08)

Spain won the tournament after drawing with Holland and beating Germany and Italy. (23.09.08)

Spain 0 - Holland 0

Spain: Kilian; Dalmau, Blanchar, Amat, Samu, Koke, Reina (Cifo 70'), Balliu (Pau Senent 51'), Sarabia (Munian 61'), Borja, Izco (Rubén Sobrino 70').

Goals: None.

Spain's new crop of youngsters drew their opening match in this friendly tournament in Germany. Villarreal keeper Kilian and his opposite number were the stars of a game which ended without goals. Germany and Italy also drew 0-0 in the other tie. (18.09.08)

Germany 1- Spain 2

Spain: Kilian; Enric (Samu 80'), Blanchar, Amat, Blázquez, Koke, Pau Senent (Balliu 70'), Cifo, Izco (Dalmau 75'), Munian, Rubén Sobrino (Borja 64').

Goals: 1-0. 26. Lenarty; 1-1. 33. Munian; 1-2. 72. Munian.

Spain came from behind to beat Germany in the second match of this four-way tournament. Lenarty gave the hosts the lead shortly before the half hour mark, but Munian equalised soon afterwards, and the Athletic Bilbao forward won it with his second of the day near the end. (20.09.08)

Spain 3 - Italy 1

Spain: Yeray Gómez; Dalmau, Enric, Blanchart, Blázquez, Koke, Manu Reina (Cifo 50'), Sarabia (Isco 40'), Pau Senent, Borja (Rubén Sobrino 65'), Muniain (Balliu 78').

Goals: 1-0. 40. Borja; 1-1. 43. Dell'Agnello; 2-1. 73. Rubén Sobrino; 3-1. 75. Cifo.

It looks like Spain's success in youth competitions is set to continue after the new under 17 side won this friendly tournament in Germany. Spain and Italy came in to the last match level on points, but an angled shot from Atlético Madrid's Borja gave Ginés Meléndez's side the lead on the stroke of half time. Dell'Agnello beat San Francisco's Yeray to equalise soon after the restart, but two goals late on from Real Madrid's Rubén Sobrino and Valencia's Cifo won it for the youngsters.

Spain squad:

Keepers: Yeray Gómez (San Francisco), Kilian (Villarreal);
Defenders: Enric Saborit (Athletic Bilbao), Blanchar and Dalmau (Barcelona), Amat and Blázquez (Espanyol), Samu (Sevilla);
Midfielders: Koke (Atlético Madrid), Balliu and Reina (Barcelona), Pau Senent (Espanyol), Sarabia (Real Madrid), Cifo (Valencia);
Forwards: Munian (Athletic Bilbao), Borja (Atlético Madrid), Rubén Sobrino (Real Madrid), Izco (Valencia).