International Matches - Under 18

Copa del Atlantico

Spain's under 18 side won this year's invitation Atlantic Cup, which was held in Maspalomas in the Canary Islands. Luis Milla's side came from behind twice to beat Denmark 3-2 in the opening game, all three goals coming from headers by Saborit, Isco and Morata. In the second match they beat hosts Canary Isles 2-0, Romero getting the first and Isco heading the second from Sarabia's cross. And although they were beaten 2-4 in the last tie against France, they finished above their opponents thanks to a better goal difference. (29.01.10)

Spain 3 - Denmark 2

Spain: Edgar, Albert, Saborit, Jordi, Sergi, Pardo (Sergio 68'), Kevin (Luque 80'), Alex, Morata (Rubén Sobrino78'), Isco, Sarabia (Romero 85').
Denmark: Bjerregaard, El-Bariaki (Semou 69'), Dumic, Christensen (Casper 61'), Brorsen, Gundelach (Skov 69'), Hvilson, Jensen, Norouzi (Knudsen 83'), Ritter, Sloth.

Goals: 0-1. 35. Jensen; 1-1. 40. Saborit; 1-2. 43. Hvilson; 2-2.54. Isco; 3-2. 67. Morata.

Spain 2 - Canary Islands 0

Spain: Yeray, Saborit (Albert 81'), Jordi, Pardo (Kevin 76'), Alex (Sergio 63'), Isco, Carvajal, Vallejo, Luque (Sarabia 70'), Romero, Rubén Sobrino.
Canaries: Andrés, Rafa (Verdes 57'), Daniel (Dani 42'), Viera, Alex (Cantón 70'), Moussa, Josmar, Edu, Daniel, Alexander (Adrián 60'), Mascarell.

Goals: 1-0. 29. Romero; 2-0. 72. Isco.

Spain 2 - France 4

Spain: Edgar, Albert, Saborit (Carvajal 88'), Jordi, Sergi, Pardo, Kevin (Sobrino 69'), Alex (Luque 86'), Morata, Sarabia, Sergio (Romero 59).
France: Boucher, Rose (Souquet 78') , Turan, Tambe, Diarra, Appiah, Keita, Kebano, Lowensky, Missilou, Derouard (Jeannot 81').

Goals: 0-1. 20. Keita; 1-1. 22. Morata; 1-2. 35. Kebano; 1-3. 41. Rose; 2-3. 43. Morata; 2-4. 67. Derouard.

Luis Milla's squad was as follows.

Keepers: Edgar (Espanyol), Yeray (Mallorca);
Defenders: Alex Vallejo (Alavés), Saborit (Athletic Bilbao), Sergi Gómez (Barcelona), Albert Blazquez and Jordi Amat (Espanyol), Carvajal (Real Madrid);
Midfielders; Luque (Racing Santander), Alex Fernández and Sarabia (Real Madrid), Pardo (Real Sociedad), Kevin Lacruz (Zaragoza);
Forwards: Morata and Rubén Sobrino (Real Madrid), Romero (Sevilla), Isco (Valencia).