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Camacho named his selection for the friendly match against Poland next Wednesday, including five new caps in the nineteen man squad. Controversy surrounded the announcement, as Real Madrid are due to play Betis in one of their postponed games on the same day, and Del Bosque had asked that his players be excluded. In the end Camacho picked Raúl and Hierro, arguing that, with few dates from now to the finals in June, he could not allow the clubs to dictate who he chooses. He did however leave out Madrid's Morientes and Betis's Alfonso, and Betis will in any case be without Finidi, playing for Nigeria in the Africa cup, which evens things up a bit. Camacho is having problems deciding on a goalkeeper, with first choices Cañizares and Toni not playing first team football at the moment. Although Cañizares finally got back into the Valencia first team last weekend, the manager decided for the time being to stick with the man who is keeping Toni out of Atlético Madrid's side, Molina, with Zaragoza's Juanmi being preferred to Valladolid's César as second keeper. Racing's Salva, top scorer in the league, finally gets his call up, as does Rayo Vallecano's midfielder Luis Cembranos, and two full backs, Celta's Velasco and Deportivo's Romero. Of the 21 man squad named for the double header with Argentina and Brazil in November, seven players were left out, including the aforementioned César, Sergi, Michel Salgado, Ferrer, Julen Guerrero, Alfonso and Morientes. All of these are however contenders for the final group in the summer. The full squad is as follows:

Keepers: Molina (Atlético de Madrid), Juanmi (Zaragoza)

Defenders: Abelardo (Barcelona), Velasco (Celta), Romero (Deportivo), Aranzábal (Real Sociedad), Hierro (Real Madrid), Paco (Zaragoza)

Midfield: Valerón (Atlético de Madrid), Guardiola and Luis Enrique (Barcelona), Engonga (Mallorca), Luis Cembranos (Rayo Vallecano), Mendieta (Valencia)

Forwards: Etxeberria and Urzaiz (Athletic Bilbao), Munitis and Salva (Racing), Raúl (Real Madrid).

The match will be played in Cartagena, in the south east of Spain, on Wednesday 26th January, kicking off at 21.45.

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