First Division - Day 2

Rayo Vallecano 0 - Zaragoza 0

Rayo: Lopetegui; Alcázar, De Quintana, Ballesteros, Mingo; Quevedo, Helder, Poschner, Michel (Glaucio 50', Pablo Sanz 70'); Luis Cembranos (Bolic 20'); Bolo. 4-4-1-1.
Zaragoza: Juanmi; Pablo, Paco, Lanna, Sundgren; José Ignacio, Acuña, Marcos Vales (Juanele, 62'), Vellisca; Jamelli (Peternac 75'), Yordi ( Garitano 85'). 4-4-2.

Team changes: Rayo: None / Zaragoza: Lanna, Sundgren, Marcos Vales, Yordi for Aguado, Juanele, Garitano, Peternac.

Goals: None.

Kicking off after all the other games in the first division, Rayo knew that a victory would maintain their place at the top of the first division, and at the same time condemn Zaragoza to last place in the league table. However it was not to be in a game that did not live up to it's billing, with neither side able to score in 90 minutes of boredom. Both teams appeared tired after their respective victories in the UEFA cup on Thursday, with Rayo having a gruelling trip to Norway and back into the bargain. Despite that, their manager Juande Ramos kept a virtually unchanged side, with only Alcázar returning after missing the match midweek through injury.

Zaragoza manager Juan Manuel Lillo was forced to change his defence after Aguado was sent off last week and suspended, and he brought in Lanna and Sundgren to give more security in the air, moving Vellisca forward to his more usual midfield role. After scoring two goals as substitute on Thursday, Yordi was given his chance up front in place of Peternac, with Marcos Vales also coming in to the side, leaving Juanele on the bench.

Rayo's best player in their last two matches, Luis Cembranos, went close twice in the first few minutes, but a short time later he had to leave the field with a pulled muscle and Bolic came on to join Bolo up front. Zaragoza's best chances came from Toro Acuña who, after scoring twice from long range in the last two games, tried his luck two or three times in the first half. Shortly after half time Ramos brought on his Brazilian star Glaucio, but after giving the ball away on too many occasions the manager lost his patience and took him off after only 20 minutes. Rayo were unlucky not to score when a Poschner free kick struck the crossbar, but Zaragoza came back after Lillo put on Juanele and Peternac to join Yordi, and could have taken the three points if Lopetegui had not been so attentive. Rayo's crowd for the opening match of the season was a disappointing 8,000, but on this type of performance it ain't going to get much bigger (as the actress said to the bishop).