First Division - Day 22

Valladolid 1 - Las Palmas 0

Valladolid: Bizzarri; Torres Gómez, García Calvo, Heinze, Marcos; Eusebio (Ricchetti 80'), Jesús; Caminero (Fernando Sales 73'), Fernando, Antonio López; Pachón (Alberto 89'). 4-2-3-1.
Las Palmas: Nacho González; Edu Alonso, Jaime Molina, Schurrer, Paqui, Jarni; Angel (Jorge 60'), Samways, Josico (Guayre 64'); Eloy (Turdó 70'), Oulare. 5-3-2.

Team changes: Valladolid: Eusebio for Ricchetti / Las Palmas: Edu Alonso, Jaime Molina for Alvaro, Pablo Lago.

1-0. 47. Caminero. Took headed pass by Pachón and stroked ball past keeper.

Another 1-0 result, the fifth of the day, and the game was won thanks to the experience of veteran midfielder Caminero. He scored the only goal of the match just after the break, running on to Pachón's headed pass from Bizzarri's long clearance and coolly waiting for the defenders to commit themselves before threading the ball through the gap into the net. It was a ray of light in an otherwise dark match, with Las Palmas defending their penalty area throughout the first half without much intention of crossing the halfway line. Sergio Kresic played his usual five at the back, Jaime Molina coming in with Alvaro suspended but also involved in another passport scandal together with his Brazilian Olympic teammate Baiano. Both were signed for the squad, apparently against their knowledge, as having Portuguese and therefore EU passports, but when the scandal arose in Italy the club decided to re-register them as non-EU players as they were unable to confirm the validity of their documentation. That made the authorities suspicious, and the subject is currently under investigation.

At least that gave the crowd something to talk about, as the game dragged on. Valladolid's Fernando was the only one to provide some entertainment, shooting just wide in the first half and failing to get past keeper Nacho González with the goal at his mercy. Referee Carmona Méndez's mind started to wander (as did most people's), and when he booked Schurrer for the second time he forgot to send him off. Only when the Valladolid staff realised and told the fourth official did Carmona finally check his notes, and rather red-faced he asked the defender to leave the field. Afterwards the referee even forgot to write up the incident correctly, and Las Palmas are hoping that he is let off when the disciplinary committee next meets. The victory keeps up Valladolid's unbeaten home record this season and takes them to a comfortable twelfth, two points behind their rivals who drop away from the brink of the UEFA spots to eighth. There is still a long way to go, but both look safe for another year in the top flight. If they can find a referee interested enough to turn up, that is.