First Division - Day 7

Espanyol 1 - Osasuna 1

Espanyol: Argensó; Fran (Benítez 55'), Lopo, Rotchen, Ricardo Cavas; Alex Fernández, Morales; Velamazán, Martín Posse, De Lucas (Munteanu 64'); Tamudo. 4-2-3-1.
Osasuna: Unzué; Cruchaga, Contreras, Jusué (Gastón 77'); Yanguas, Puñal, Lekumberri; Rivero, Alfredo, Fernando (Aloisi 57'); Iván Rosado (Manolo 75'). 3-3-3-1.

Team changes: Espanyol: No change / Osasuna: Rivero, Alfredo for Gancedo, Armentano.

1-0. 74. Tamudo. Shot under Unzué's legs from wide angle.
1-1. 87. Aloisi. Following up after Argensó saved his penalty kick.

Two of the league's most on form teams produced a disappointing draw at the Montjuic stadium. With three victories in a row to the Pamplona side and two for the Catalans, more was expected of both of them, but they produced virtually no chances between them in a dull first 45 minutes. Tamudo finally broke the ice with a quarter of an hour to go after good work from substitute Benítez, but then referee Medina Cantalejo awarded a controversial penalty for a foul by Rotchen on Cruchaga. Australian international Aloisi stepped up to drive the penalty kick high, and although Argensó parried the ball away, the striker follwed up to volley the rebound past the stranded keeper. It was on reflection a fair result, leaving both teams comfortably in mid-table for the time being.