First Division - Day 13

Málaga 2 - Osasuna 1

Málaga: Contreras; Rojas, Litos (Josemi 52'), Roteta, Iznata; Miguel Angel, Sandro (Leko 69'); Gerardo, Zárate, Musampa (Canabal 60'); Dely Valdés. 4-2-3-1.
Osasuna: Unzué; Mateo (Manolo 46'), Cruchaga, Contreras, Olarra; Puñal, Lekumberri (Montenegro 57'); Alfredo (Armentano 57'), Gancedo, Fernando; Iván Rosado. 4-2-3-1.

Team changes: Málaga: Iznata for Fernando Sanz / Osasuna: Olarra, Lekumberri for Yanguas, Armentano.

1-0. 18. Dely Valdés. Got above keeper to head corner into net.
2-0. 45. Zárate. Headed Musampa's corner into net from inside area.
2-1. 92. Iván Rosado. Controlled and scored after square pass from Armentano.

Málaga recorded their first home win in almost three months to move away from the bottom spots and take the pressure of manager Joaquín Peiró in his 100th game in charge since they returned to the first division. There were absences on both sides thanks to the World cup play-offs between Uruguay and Australia, with Gato Romero missing for the home side and Aloisi for the visitors, and Darío Silva would also have been with the South Americans if he were not injured.

It was a workmanlike performance by the home side, with the players grafting hard against a Basque team who come to defend and get the odd goal on the breakaway. Both goals came from corners, with Dely Valdés winning the battle against Unzué to head home the first and diminutive Zárate also getting a rare header from the back of the area on the stroke of half time. Lotina brought on Armentano and he hit the bar soon after, although Málaga held on until injury time when Iván Rosado finally scored a late consolation for the Pamplona side. Both teams ended the day in the bottom half of the table, with Málaga going a point above their rivals.