First Division - Day 13

Valencia 0 - Tenerife 0

Valencia: Palop; Curro Torres, Ayala, Pellegrino, Carboni; Rufete (Angulo 70'), Albelda, Kily González (Vicente 60'); Aimar (Marchena 80'); Juan Sánchez, Salva Ballesta. 4-3-1-2.
Tenerife: Sergio Aragoneses; Javi Venta, Pablo Paz, Lussenhoff, Basavilbaso; Slovak, Martí, Iván Ania; Hugo Morales (Antonio Hilgado 89'); Xisco, Bruno Marioni (Charcos 85'). 4-3-1-2.

Team changes: Valencia: Ayala, Kily González, Aimar for Navarro, Djukic, Angulo / Tenerife: Pablo Paz, Xisco for Charcos, Acorán.

Goals: None.

Valencia remained the only unbeaten side in the Spanish league after their match against Tenerife, although for the eighth time this season their match ended in a draw. The return of the trio of Argentine internationals did nothing to improve their form for once, and the front pairing of Salva and Sánchez showed little of the form that had taken their side up into the Champions League spots. Both strikers had their chances early on as did Rufete, but if anything the visitors were the better of the two sides, with Morales and Marioni bringing good saves out of Palop either side of half time, and Xisco shooting just wide.

Benítez made changes early in the second half, with Kily clearly angry with his manager for being replaced by Vicente. Angulo came on for Rufete but only lasted five minutes before he got himself sent off after clashing with Marioni, and Benítez played it safe pulling off Aimar to put on the more defensive Marchena. The match ended with Palop saving from a Jaime free kick as a frustrated crowd started to leave the ground before the end. A disappointing performance by the home side, with the visitors happy to take back a point even though it still leaves them down a place away from the relegation spots..