First Division - Day 20

Celta 1 - Osasuna 1

Celta: Cavallero; Coira, Berizzo, Sergio, Juanfran; Luccin (Giovanella 65'), Vagner; Karpin, Edu (Mostovoi 61'), Jesuli (Gustavo López 53'); Catanha. 4-2-3-1.
Osasuna: Unzué; Cruchaga, Jusué, Josetxo; Izquierdo, Puñal, Lekumberri (Rivero 53'); Palacios, Alfredo (Muñoz 76'), Fernando; Aloisi (Armentano 83'). 3-3-3-1.

Team changes: Celta: Sergio for Cáceres / Osasuna: Lekumberri for Gancedo.

1-0. 24. Vagner. Cut in past two defenders and fired low shot into far corner.
1-1. 62. Cruchaga. Header down into bottom corner of net from right sided corner.

Celta missed out once again on the chance to go top of the table after they were held to a 1-1 draw by Osasuna in the Balaidos stadium. This was the second time in consecutive matches that the Gallicians threw away a one goal lead at home, ending up with an identical result to the late draw with Rayo the week before. Víctor Fernández only made one change from the side that played in that match, giving Sergio an outing in defence in place of Cáceres. That meant that there was no place for Gustavo López and Mostovoi (just recovered from a recurring ankle injury), and both had to take a place on the substitutes' bench. Lotina replaced the suspended Gancedo with Lekumberri, playing in his now usual 3-3-3-1 formation with Aloisi leading the attack.

The visitors' line up enabled them to smother out the Celta advances, with at times six men back in defence. However Vagner found a way through midway through the first half, beating two men before firing a shot across Unzué for his first goal of the season. With Real Madrid not playing until later in the day that made them temporarily leaders of the league, although it only lasted for thirty eight minutes before Osasuna equalised when Cruchaga headed a corner down past Cavallero. The goal was a fair reward for the Pamplona side, who had troubled Cavallero a number of times, particularly from the ever dangerous Alfredo in the first half and an Aloisi header in the second. Víctor threw on his big guns, but they could not wear down the well organised Basque defence, with keeper Unzué on outstanding form saving a Mostovoi free kick in the last minute. Celta remain third, a point behind Bilbao, and Osasuna stay three points clear of the drop zone in sixteenth place.