First Division - Day 30

Tenerife 0 - Mallorca 0

Tenerife: Julio Iglesias; Manel (Bassedas 75'), Lussenhoff, Alexis, David Charcos, Basavilbaso; Jordi (Xisco 60'), Bino, Martí; Bicho Fuertes, Bruno Marioni (Jaime 85'). 5-3-2.
Roa; Olaizola, Fernando Niño, Nadal, Siviero, Miguel Soler; Marcos, Paco Soler, Ibagaza (Robles 89'); Eto'o (Paunovic 85'), Losada (Carlos 71'). 5-3-2.

Team changes: Tenerife: Manel, Lussenhoff, Jordi for Bermudo, Jaime, Hugo Morales / Mallorca: Olaizola, Paco Soler, Losada for Campano, Robles, Luque.

Goals: None.

This is becoming one of the closest fought league's in years, not only at the top but also for the relegation spots, where only two points separate thirteenth placed Mallorca from the bottom team in the league Tenerife. The two drew 0-0 in a dull match at the Heliodoro stadium in Santa Cruz to maintain the status quo in the table, for the time being at least. Both managers lined up with a five man defence, afraid to lose a game which would have left their sides in an even more delicate position than they are now. Lussenhoff for the home side and Olaizola for the visitors returned after their respective one match bans, and Sergio Kresic was forced to bring in Losada up front for the injured Luque.

Mallorca had not lost in Tenerife in eleven years, and they set out determined that this year was not going to be any exception. However with the front two shadowed everywhere they went by Lussenhoff and Charcos, it was left to Ibagaza and try and find an opening coming from behind, although when he did find room there was nobody there to help him. Tenerife's attacks also petered out as they approached the penalty area, with Bicho Fuertes unable to find his way to goal and Roa a safe pair of hands when he finally did get a shot on target after the break. The best chance of the game though fell to the visitors' substitute Carlos in the last minute, keeper Julio Iglesias stopping his shot with his face which resulted in a visit to the hospital to check his eyesight after the game. A point each then, a better result for the visitors who now have a better head-to-head goal average over their opponents. Tenerife though have not lost since Clemente took over four games ago, and are gradually fighting their way off the bottom. They have another eight games to do so.