First Division - Day 2

Alavés 0 - Racing Santander 1

Alavés: Dutruel; Geli, Abelardo, Téllez, Llorens; Desio (Ibón Begoña 60'), Pablo; Astudillo, Jordi Cruyff (Mara 76'), Magno (Ilie 60'); Iván Alonso. 4-2-3-1.
Racing: Lemmens; Pineda, Mora, Juanma, Sietes; Ismael, Nafti; Pablo Lago (Morán 62'), Munitis (Javi Guerrero 74'), Regueiro; Bodipo (Diego Alonso 65'). 4-2-3-1.

Team changes: Alavés: Llorens, Magno for Karmona, Ibón Begoña / Racing: Pablo Lago, Munitis, Regueiro for Morán, Benayoun, Txiki.

0-1. 30. Bodipo. Overhead kick after Pablo Lago knocked back a corner.

Racing Santander got their first three points of the season after a surprise win at Alavés. With Munitis in the side the Cantabrians looked a better team, and should have scored a hat-full as they bore down time and time again on Dutruel's goal. The opening few minutes were for the home side though, and Iván Alonso and Abelardo both hit the woodwork when they should have scored. Lemmens though kept out the early onslaught, and after that Racing should have taken the lead on several occasions, with Bodipo in particular missing the easiest of chances when Munitis set him up.

The goal when it did come though was hotly protested by the Alavés players, Pablo Lago clearly playing back Regueiro's corner with his arm. Referee Rubinos Pérez (making his debut in the first division) didn't react though, and with the defence appealing for a free kick Bodipo hooked the ball over his head and in to the net. It took several minutes for the game to restart, but Alavés were clearly rattled and allowed the visitors to dominate.

Try as they might though Racing could not add to their total, even when Preciado brought on Iván Alonso's cousin Diego midway through the second half. The victory was what they wanted though, however it came about, and they can now rest a little easier with that under their belts. Alavés complained heavily about the referee who also sent off Geli near the end for a second bookable offence. However they could have easily lost by a bigger margin, and the only consolation they have as they return to Europe next Thursday was the promising debut of Adrian Ilie in the second half.