First Division - Day 20

Celta Vigo 0 - Sevilla 1

Celta: Cavallero; Velasco, Cáceres, Berizzo, Juanfran; Luccin, Vagner (Mostovoi 53'); Jesuli (McCarthy 80'), Edu, Gustavo López; Catanha. 4-2-3-1.
Sevilla: Notario; Redondo, Javi Navarro, Pablo Alfaro, Juanmi; Casquero, Torrado; Gallardo (Oscar 90'), Reyes (Víctor Salas 85'), Fredi; Toedtli (Machlas 73'). 4-2-3-1.

Team changes: Celta: Juanfran, Vagner for Sylvinho, José Ignacio / Sevilla: Juanmi, Casquero, Gallardo, Reyes, Fredi for David, Samways, Njegus, Marcos Vales, Arteaga.

0-1. 73. Casquero. Beat keeper after Berizzo cleared ball back into his path.

Celta lost for the fourth time in five matches, but still hold on to sixth spot in the table after the defeat of seventh placed Mallorca at Valencia. Lotina's side are going through their usual mid-season crisis, and even the change of manager in the summer does not appear to have put an end to what is now becoming a tradition. Catanha once again was ineffective against what is now the best defence in the league, and with Mostovoi still not fully match fit there was nobody to rally them round when things went against them. Celta's best chance came in the first half when the ball bounced around their opponents penalty area for a minute or two, but nobody could get the final touch.

Sevilla sat back though and waited for their chance, and it finally came in the second half when Casquero dribbled through the local defence. The midfielder finally found his way blocked and tried a backheel pass, but the ball came back to him off Berizzo leaving him free blast a shot past the stranded Cavallero. Lotina put on the unsettled McCarthy to join Catanha, but the defence held their positions, and with the rain falling, Sevilla's new signing Machlas came on to waste a great chance to put his side further ahead on a rapid breakaway. The visitors had bounced back though for their midweek cup defeat, and are now comfortably ensconced in eleventh place in the table.