First Division - Day 5

Sevilla 1 - Real Murcia 0

Sevilla: Notario; Daniel Alves, Javi Navarro, Alfaro, David; Casquero (Baptista 65'), Martí; Gallardo (Marcos Vales 46'), Carlitos (Antoñito 65'), Reyes; Darío Silva. 4-2-3-1.
Real Murcia: Juanmi; Juanma, Cuadrado, Roteta, Carreras; Roberto Fresnedoso (Clavero 90'), Maciel, Jensen (Acciari 57'), Fredi (Richi 78'); Michel; Luis García. 4-4-1-1.

Team changes: Sevilla: Carlitos for Luis Gil / Murcia: Cuadrado, Jensen, Fredi for Loeschbor, Accari, Esnaider.

1-0. 93. Antoñito. Shot into empty net after Darío Silva won ball in challenge.

A last gasp goal from substitute Antoñito gave Sevilla a 1-0 victory over Real Murcia. The visitors had held fast for most of the game, with veteran manager Joaquín Peiró pushing his lines forward to leave little room for the local attack to work in. However the tactic nearly backfired when Darío Silva put through Reyes, but the new Spanish international failed to beat Juanmi. And soon afterwards Carlitos did get the ball in the net, only to see his effort ruled out by a linesman for a marginal offside decision.

Murcia did cause some problems themselves though later in the first half, with Luis García and Michel dangerous on the breakaway. And midway through the second half they almost took the lead when ex Sevilla midfielder Fredi put Notario to the test. Both sides appeared to have settled for a draw though when Sevilla launched another attack, and although Antoñito seemed to have lost the ball, Darío Silva's challenge on Roteta won it back and left it at the feet of the substitute for him to tap it in to an empty net.