First Division - Day 12

Racing Santander 1 - Zaragoza 2

Racing: Ricardo; Moratón, Pablo Casar, Juanma, Ayoze; Diego Mateo (Jonathan 86'), Nafti; Morán (Afek 76'), Benayoun, Regueiro (Javi Guerrero 63'); Bodipo. 4-2-3-1.
Zaragoza: Valbuena; Cuartero, Rebosio, Alvaro, Toledo; Ponzio, Soriano; Galletti (Iñaki 69'), Corona (Yordi 60'), Savio (David Pirri 90'); David Villa. 4-2-3-1.

Team changes: Racing: Moratón for Coromina / Zaragoza: Valbuena, Cuartero, Toledo, Galletti for Lainez, Milito, David Pirri, Cani.

1-0. 40. Rebosio (own goal). Slid cross from Regueiro into his own net.
1-1. 45. Alvaro. Struck shot on turn into top corner of net after bad back pass.
1-2. 85. Soriano. Volleyed ball into roof of net after defence failed to clear corner.

Zaragoza came away with three valuable points after a 1-2 away win at Racing Santander. The wet conditions made play difficult, and were responsible for the first two goals, the opener coming for the home side when Rebosio slid on the slippery surface and carried Regueiro's cross into his own net, and the equaliser resulting from a failed clearance when the ball stuck in a pool of water, Alvaro taking advantage to pick up the rebound and beat Ricardo.

Earlier in the first half Bodipo should have given the hosts the lead when he intercepted a bad back pass and rounded the keeper, only to wait too long and miss his chance. And the Guinean striker managed to get the ball in the net after the break, only to see his effort ruled out by referee Medina Cantalejo for a foul on keeper Valbuena, who was standing in for Lainez.

Valbuena was in action a few minutes later, tipping Morán's header on to the post, and let off the hook, Zaragoza got a late winner when Soriano volleyed home from the left of the area after the defence failed to clear a corner.