First Division - Day 22

Valladolid 2 - Real Madrid 3

Valladolid: Bizzarri; Torres Gómez, Julio César, Peña, Marcos; Ricchetti, Jesús; Fernando Sales, Sousa (Jonathan 60'), Oscar González; Losada (Chema 82'). 4-2-3-1.
Real Madrid: Casillas; Michel Salgado, Iván Helguera, Mejía, Solari; Beckham (Juanfran 81'), Guti; Figo, Raúl, Zidane (Pavón 92'); Ronaldo (Portillo 94'). 4-2-3-1.

Team changes: Valladolid: Ricchetti for Makukula / Madrid: Iván Helguera, Zidane for Raúl Bravo, Roberto Carlos.

1-0. 33. Oscar González. Shot from edge of area after Losada crossed in.
2-0. 42. Oscar González. Steered header into top corner from Sales cross.
2-1. 48. Ronaldo. Deflected Zidane shot past keeper from inside area.
2-2. 62. Figo (penalty). After Peña blocked ball with his arm inside area.
2-3. 90. Ronaldo. Low shot past Bizzarri after Julio César failed to cut out pass.

A last minute goal from Ronaldo gave Real Madrid a 2-3 victory over Valladolid to keep them at the top of the table. Carlos Queiroz's side found themselves two goals down at half time, both goals coming from Oscar González after crosses from the right wing from Losada and Fernando Sales respectively, and they were lucky not to have a penalty given against them when Jesús had his shirt pulled by Zidane early in the game.

Only a shot from Beckham had tested Bizzarri in the first half, but Ronaldo deflected Zidane's shot past the keeper just a couple of minutes after the restart, and Figo made it all square from the penalty spot after Peña blocked the ball with his arm in the area, getting himself sent off for a second yellow card.

Numbers were evened up soon afterwards when Solari was also booked for a second time by rookie referee Lizondo Cortés, but Zidane came close to putting his side ahead with a magnificent piece of skill which ended with him shooting just over the bar. Losada hit the crossbar at the other end, but with the game looking like ending in a tie, Ronaldo picked up a pass from the left, and with ex Real Madrid defender Julio César trailing in his wake, hit a low shot past Bizzarri.