First Division - Day 28

Real Madrid 1 - Zaragoza 1

Real Madrid: Casillas; Michel Salgado, Pavón, Raúl Bravo, Roberto Carlos; Beckham, Cambiasso (Antonio Nuñez 87'); Juanfran (Figo 57'), Zidane, Solari (Guti 57'); Portillo. 4-2-3-1.
Zaragoza: Lainez; Cuartero, Rebosio, Milito, Toledo (David Pirri 67'); Galletti, Ponzio, Movilla, Cani (Drulic 60'); David Villa, Dani (Savio 46'). 4-4-2.

Team changes: Madrid: Michel Salgado, Pavón, Cambiasso, Juanfran, Portillo for Mejía, Iván Helguera, Guti, Figo, Ronaldo / Zaragoza: Rebosio, Toledo, Dani for Alvaro, David Pirri, Drulic.

1-0. 27. Portillo. Header down past Lainez after Juanfran crossed in from right.
1-1. 32. Toledo. Angled header from corner which Salgado couldn't stop going in.

A depleted Real Madrid side were held to a 1-1 draw by Zaragoza, who they meet again in four days' time in the Spanish cup final. It was an emotive game, coming just two days after the terrorist attacks at the main train station killed two hundred people, and flowers were placed on the seats of season ticket holders who would never be coming back as the players lined up to respect the minute's silence for the victims.

Carlos Queiroz was missing the injured Ronaldo and Raúl, and decided to leave Figo, Guti and Helguera on the bench in reserve for Wednesday's game. That left a place in the starting line up for young striker Portillo, who took his chance at last with a headed goal from Juanfran's cross around the half hour mark. Before he had time to celebrate his first league goal of the season though, the visitors had equalised, Toledo heading a corner down past Casillas which Salgado slipped in front of and was therefore unable to stop going in to the net.

Both managers made changes early in the second half, Queiroz bringing on Figo and Guti (who played up front) and Víctor Muñoz introducing ex Real Madrid forward Savio and then Drulic. But it was the visitors who nearly snatched it, Casillas having to make the save of the night when Galletti broke free and Drulic chipping a shot onto the post. In the end an important point for Zaragoza, who have now taken ten from their last four games. Real Madrid hold on to top spot, but with Valencia winning, the gap has been closed to four points.