First Division - Day 37

Betis 1 - Valladolid 0

Betis: Contreras; Cañas (Varela 77'), Juanito, Lembo, Rivas; Arzu (Marcos Assunçao 56'), Benjamín; Joaquín, Fernando, Denilson (Ismael 56'); Dani. 4-2-3-1.
Valladolid: Bizzarri; Torres Gómez, Jonathan, Julio César, Marcos; Caminero (Figueredo 46'), Zapata; Fernando Sales, Oscar González, Oscar Sánchez (Javi Moré 60'); Losada. 4-2-3-1.

Team changes: Betis: Contreras, Cañas, Lembo, Arzu, Benjamín for Prats, Varela, Luis Fernández, Marcos Assunçao, Ito / Valladolid: Torres Gómez, Julio César, Caminero, Oscar Sánchez for Peña, Ricchetti, Javi Jiménez, Sousa.

1-0. 74. Assunçao. Picked up bad clearance outside area and hit shot over keeper.

A 1-0 defeat for Valladolid at Betis on Saturday evening left them on the brink of relegation, and a victory for Espanyol tomorrow would mean they and Celta would join Real Murcia in the second division next season. In fact Valladolid's only hope of survival now is to win their last game at home to Villarreal and hope that Celta and Espanyol don't pick up more than a point each in their remaining games It was not for laxk of trying though, and Antonio Santos's side were unlucky not to go ahead though against an apathetic opponent who had nothing to play for, Losada shooting over twice and Contreras (who was replacing the injured Prats) and having to save from Oscar González later in the first half.

The home side had only had one crack at goal in the first half, Juanito shooting straight at Bizzarri close to the break, and the angry fans booed their players off at half time. The introduction of Marcos Assunçao and Ismael after the break improved things though, and Joaquín finally started to show some signs of life. Still Oscar González, Javi Moré and Figueredo all had chances to put the visitors in front before Assunçao picked up a bad clearance outside of the area and, after making himself a bit of space, fired a shot back over the head of the keeper. When Contreras stopped another effort from Oscar near the end it was all over, and Valladolid need a near miracle now if they are to stay up.