First Division - Day 38

Sevilla 1 - Osasuna 0

Sevilla: Esteban; Redondo, Javi Navarro, Alfaro, David; Martí, Casquero (Aitor Ocio 90'); Daniel Alves, Baptista, Antonio López; Hornos (Carlos 66'). 4-2-3-1.
Osasuna: Elía; Izquierdo, Cruchaga, Cuéllar, Antonio López; Valdo, Puñal, Muñoz, Moha; Morales (Bakayoko 64'), Aloisi (Webó 64'). 4-4-2.

Team changes: Sevilla: David, Daniel Alves, Antonio López, Hornos for Sergio Ramos, Jesús Navas, Torrado, Darío Silva / Osasuna: Izquierdo, Cruchaga, Muñoz, Moha, Morales, Aloisi for Expósito, Josetxo, Alfredo, Palacios, Gorka García, Bakayoko.

1-0. 55. Baptista. Picked up Alves pass and ran on to shoot under keeper.

A second half goal by Baptista, his twentieth of the season in the league, was enough to help Sevilla qualify for the UEFA cup for the first time in nine years. The win takes Joaquín Caparrós's side into sixth spot, ahead of Villareal (who lost) and also Atlético Madrid, who finished level on points but with the head-to-head goal average in favour of the Andalucians.

It was a bad tempered match though, with numerous brawls between players and the local police having to step in on more than one occasion. The two sides have been at each others' throats for a couple of seasons now for various reasons, and the local press didn't help with a series of inflammatory articles which created a heated atmosphere right from the start. And things blew up on the half hour mark after a bad tackle by Javi Navarro and a bust up between Esteban, Aloisi and Morales, starting off a fight between players and staff which lasted over five minutes and in which substitute Alfredo was shown the red card and Caparrós and his opposite number Aguirre were booked after grappling with each other like schoolboys on the side of the pitch.

Of football there was not a lot, the only real chances in the first half falling to Morales for the visitors and Hornos for the locals close to the break. And once again it was left to Baptista to drag them through, as usual combining with his fellow countryman Daniel Alves to beat young keeper Elía with a low shot. The game degenerated at the end again after Bakayoko punched Alfaro in the face, and Bakayoko, Alfaro and Morales were all shown the red card after the fighting died down. But soon afterwards the overworked Losantos Omar called it a day, and the local fans flooded onto the pitch to celebrate their return to Europe. .