First Division - Day 36

Racing Santander 2 - Getafe 1

Racing: Dudu Aouate; Oriol, Pablo Casar, Bertín; Pedro López, Torrado, Ayoze; Morán (Jonathan 91'), Javi Guerrero (Anderson Silva 70'), Benayoun (Parri 88'); Arizmendi. 3-3-3-1.
Getafe: Aragoneses; Yanguas, Belenguer, Nano, Tena (Gallardo 86'); Albiol, Cubillo, Gabi, Vivar Dorado; Asen (Craioveanu 60'), Kome (Riki 72'). 4-4-2.

Team changes: Racing: Pablo Casar, Pedro López, Torrado, Arizmendi for Moratón, Regragui, Anderson Silva, Regueiro / Getafe: Tena, Cubillo, Asen for Pernía, Mario Cotelo, Michel.

1-0. 12. Ayoze. Cut in from left and struck deflected shot in off crossbar.
2-0. 35. Arizmendi. Picked up pass on right of area and shot under keeper.
2-1. 52. Vivar Dorado. Turned ball in from close up after Kome passed across.

Racing Santander made mathematically sure of staying up with a 2-1 win over Getafe on Sunday evening. Ayoze opened the scoring in the twelfth minute when he cut in from the left and struck a shot which deflected off a defender and went in off the crossbar, and Arizmendi made it two before the interval with a shot under keeper Sergio Aragoneses.

The visitors had little to play for after assuring their place in next season's competition the week before, but Gabi crashed a shot against the upright just before the break. And seven minutes in to the second half Kome beat the offside trap to set up Vivar Dorado to pull one back.

The Cantabrians could have won by a bigger margin had Aragoneses not been on good form, but Craioveanu came close to equalising with a dangerous free kick late on. In the end though the three points stayed in the Sardinero stadium, and the fans celebrated as if they had won a title. With Javi Guerrero, Regueiro and Benayoun all expected to move on this summer though, they could be facing another long, hard season.