First Division - Day 4

Zaragoza 3 - Osasuna 1

Zaragoza: Valbuena; Ponzio, Alvaro, Gabriel Milito, Toledo; Zapater (Generelo 79'), Movilla; Ewerthon, Oscar González (Cani 72'), Savio; Diego Milito (Sergio García 68'). 4-2-3-1.
Osasuna: Ricardo; Javier Flaño, Josetxo (Miguel Flaño 58'), Cruchaga, Corrales; Puñal, Muñoz; David López (Milosevic 60'), Valdo (Ortíz 75'), Delporte; Webó. 4-2-3-1.

Team changes: Zaragoza: No change / Osasuna: Cruchaga, Corrales, Puñal, Muñoz, Valdo, Delporte, Webó for Cuéllar, Calvero, Marcelo Sosa, Raúl García, Moha, Milosevic, Romeo.

1-0. 51. Diego Milito. Diving header at near post from Savio's long cross.
2-0. 81. Sergio García. Header from close up following lob across from Cani.
3-0. 83. Savio. Ran on to fire shot wide of keeper from right of goal.
3-1. 90. Delporte. Free kick from near halfway line which bounced past everyone.

Zaragoza beat Osasuna 3-1 on Wednesday night to record their first victory of the season. Víctor Muñoz's side dominated the first half, with Savio going close twice in the first three minutes and Oscar González heading against the bar later on. But they were not able to get past Ricardo, and the teams went in at the break with the scoreline unmoved.

Six minutes after the restart though the locals got the goal they were looking for when Diego Milito got ahead of the defence to head home Savio's cross on the near post. Aguirre was forced to throw on an extra forward and open up, and Zaragoza took advantage to score two more, substitute Sergio García heading in from close range and Savio beating the keeper from left of goal. Delporte got a last minute consolation with a long free kick which bounced past everybody, but by then it was all over.