First Division - Day 4

Racing Santander 1 - Espanyol 0

Racing: Dudu Aouate; Pinillos, Moratón, Samu, Ayoze; Casquero, Vitolo; Stephane Dalmat, Raúl Martín (Aganzo 46'), Oscar Serrano (Jonathan 78'); Antoñito (Matabuena 88'). 4-2-3-1.
Espanyol: Kameni; Armando Sá, Jarque, Lopo, David García, Domi; Juanfran, Costa (Corominas 84'), Fredson (Ito 60'), Riera (De la Peña 60'); Luis García. 5-4-1.

Team changes: Racing: Raúl Martín for Felipe Melo / Espanyol: Juanfran, Fredson, Riera for Ito, Corominas, De la Peña.

0-1. 69. Antoñito. From close up after Casquero shot deflected off defenders.

Racing Santander moved up into the top six after a 1-0 win over Espanyol, who saw their recent good run of results come to an end. It was a dull match though, the main points of interest the return of De la Peña to his home town and the lining up of an aggressive Oscar Serrano against his ex club who he took to court recently.

Both sides did have chances in the first half, Pinilla testing Kameni with a long shot early on and Juanfran responding with a speculative effort which cleared the crossbar. Kameni was in action again either side of half time to save from a Casquero free kick and then a shot from Aganzo, and Luis García almost caught out Aouate at the other end with a long free kick.

With half an hour to go Lotina brought on De la Peña, and almost immediately he got on the end of a cross from Domi to fire in a shot which Aouate collected well. But with the visitors starting to get on top Racing scored, Casquero's long shot rebounding off two defenders and falling kindly for Antoñito to shoot in from close range. Espanyol did their best to come back after that, but when Lopo was sent off near the end for a foul on Antoñito their challenge ended.