First Division - Day 6

Racing Santander 1 - Alavés 2

Racing: Dudu Aouate; Pinillos, Moratón, Samuel, Ayoze; Casquero, Vitolo (Jonathan 73'); Stephane Dalmat (Wilfried Dalmat 81'), Juanjo, Oscar Serrano (Felipe Melo 62'); Antoñito. 4-2-3-1.
Alavés: Costanzo; Gaspar, Juanito, Pellegrini, Carreras (Coromina 15'); Astudillo, Wesley (Carpintero 58'); De Lucas, Jandro, Nené; Bodipo (Aloisi 67'). 4-2-3-1.

Team changes: Racing: Vitolo, Juanjo, Oscar Serrano, Antoñito for Matabuena, Raúl Martín, Jonathan, Aganzo / Alavés: Gaspar, Wesley, Jandro for Edu Alonso, Carpintero, Aloisi.

0-1. 33. Wesley. Latched on to loose ball to score from close up following a corner.
1-1. 78. Juanjo. Ran on to Antoñito back-heel pass to shoot under Costanzo.
1-2. 93. Carpintero. Fired shot through crowd of players after corner half-cleared.

Alavés moved off the bottom of the table after a 1-2 win at Racing Santander, a satisfying victory for Dmitri Piterman against the club who threw him out a couple of seasons ago. The visiting president was booed as he came on to the pitch, as was Bodipo who went with Piterman to Alavés.

The home side started the better of the two, Antoñito failing to take advantage of a defensive mistake early on. But Wesley and De Lucas went close as the visitors got back in the game, and Wesley put them ahead after latching on to a loose ball following a corner.

The whistles in the second half were for the Racing players rather than Piterman, as they were unable to string together two passes. Melo missed a sitter after Antoñito set him up, and so it went on until Juanjo finally picked up a clever pass from Antoñito to shoot under the legs of Costanzo.

But Alavés were not giving up, and De Lucas should have scored after a long pass from substitute Aloisi sent him away. With the game already in injury time though, a corner was only cleared as far as the edge of the area, and there was Carpintero to drive the ball through a crowded goalmouth in to the net. It wasn't enough to take the Vitoria based side out of the bottom three, but they climb above Mallorca and are now only two points behind the Cantabrians.