First Division - Day 14

Racing Santander 0 - Zaragoza 2

Racing: Toño; Pinillos, Garay, Rubén, Luis Fernández; Vitolo (Momo 68'), Colsa (Matabuena 81'); Scaloni, Balboa (Cristian Alvarez 74'), Oscar Serrano; Juanjo. 4-2-3-1.
Zaragoza: César; Diogo, Gabriel Milito, Sergio (Piqué 92'), Juanfran; Ponzio, Zapater; D'Alessandro, Sergio García (Lafita 67'), Aimar (Oscar González 90'); Diego Milito. 4-2-3-1.

Team changes: Racing: Balboa, Juanjo for Munitis, Zigic / Zaragoza: Zapater for Movilla.

0-1. 60. Diego Milito. Picked up pass from Aimar and beat Toño with angled shot.
0-2. 80. Lafita. Ran on to ball from midfield and shot through legs of keeper.

Zaragoza won 0-2 against a depleted Racing Santander side to move back up to fourth in the table. The Cantabrians were missing their two top strikers through suspension, and only long shots from Colsa and Ponzio caused any work for either keeper before the break.

The visitors took the lead on the hour mark when Diego Milito picked up Aimar's pass to beat Toño with an angled shot. Juanjo had a penalty appeal turned down, and Oscar Serrano shot over the top. But Zaragoza substitute Lafita ran through to make it two with ten minutes to go, and Diego Milito missed out on the chance to head up the Pichichi chart when Toño saved his penalty kick after Pinillos fouled Lafita near the end.