First Division - Day 38

Racing Santander 1 - Osasuna 0

Racing: Toño; Sergio Sánchez, Moratón, César Navas, Ayoze; Jorge López (Ismodes 91'), Duscher, Colsa, Oscar Serrano (Jonathan Valle 73'); Smolarek (Iván Bolado 69'), Tchité. 4-4-2.
Osasuna: Ricardo; Azplicueta, Cruchaga, Josetxo, Monreal; Astudillo (Héctor Font 87'), Puñal; Juanfran, Hugo Viana (Carlos Vela 82'), Plasil; Dady (Portillo 62'). 4-2-3-1.

Team changes: Racing: Sergio Sánchez, Ayoze, Tchité for Oriol, Pinillos, Munitis / Osasuna: Hugo Viana for Pandiani.

1-0. 86. Iván Bolado. Turned cross from Tchité past Ricardo on near post.

A nerve racking match in the Sardinero stadium, where Racing Santander beat Osasuna with a late goal to qualify for the UEFA Cup for the first time in their history. With Mallorca hard on their heels, the Cantabrians needed to win to ensure sixth spot.

But they were up against an opponent who was fighting for survival, a defeat for them leaving them with the possibility of going down. Chances were few and far between as nerves got the better of both teams, although both keepers had to be on their toes, Toño saving from Dady and Monreal and Ricardo stopping efforts from Tchité, Moratón and Colsa.

News came in from the Son Moix that Mallorca were beating Zaragoza, meaning Racing had to score. And young substitute Iván Bolado obliged, turning in Tchité's cross with only five minutes remaining. But now Osasuna were in trouble, one goal from Zaragoza being enough to send them down.

That didn't happen though, and in the end it was celebrations all round. Coaches Marcelino and Ziganda were both in tears at the end, emotion too much after a long, hard season. But they were tears of joy, and the objectives they had set at the start of the day had been achieved.