First Division - Day 30

Racing Santander 2 - Betis 3

Racing: Toño; Pinillos, Garay, Moratón (Oriol 50'), Marcano; Luccin (Colsa 74'), Lacen; Munitis, Jonathan Pereira, Oscar Serrano (Coltorti 50'); Zigic. 4-2-3-1.
Betis: Casto; Melli, Juanito, Arzu, Fernando Vega; Mehmet Aurelio, Capi (Rivera 81'); Odonkor (Juanma 57'), Emaná (Xisco 86'), Mark González; Edu. 4-2-3-1.

Team changes: Racing: Marcano, Oscar Serrano for Luis Fernández, Sepsi / Betis: Casto, Fernando Vega, Mehmet Aurelio, Capi, Odonkor, Edu for Ricardo, Nelson, Monzón, Juanma, Sergio García, Oliveira.

1-0. 05. Luccin. Drove low shot inside near post following Serrano corner.
1-1. 19. Edu. Ran on to Mark González cross and shot wide of Toño.
1-2. 29. Emaná. Picked up ball in midfield and ran through to score.
2-2. 32. Zigic. Got above defence to head Munitis corner wide of Casto.
2-3. 53. Emaná. Controlled Capi pass and rolled shot wide of Coltorti.

Yellow cards: Juanito 15', Luccin 17', Pinillos 66', Melli 66', Juanma 68', Mark González 69', Xisco 88', Zigic 92' / red cards: Toño 50'.

Betis's new coach José María Nogués got off to a best possible start after his side beat Racing Santander 2-3 on Sunday evening. Nogués was handed the reins after Paco Chaparro was fired midweek, and he made six changes to the line up, albeit that some were forced through suspension or injury.

The locals took the lead when Luccin drove a low shot inside the near post following Oscar Serrano's early corner, but Edu equalised a few minutes later, and Emaná fought his way past a couple of defenders to put the visitors ahead on the half hour mark.

Three minutes later the giant frame of Zigic rose above the defence to level the scores once again. However Toño got himself sent off soon after the restart for bringing down Emaná, and Emaná himself picked up a pass from Capi to beat Toño's replacement Coltorti and tie up a first win in two months.