First Division - Day 34

Racing Santander 0 - Almería 2

Racing: Coltorti; Pinillos, Moratón (Uri 79'), Marcano, Sepsi (Oscar Serrano 46'); Munitis, Colsa (Edu Bedía 46'), Lacen, Toni Moral; Tchité, Zigic. 4-4-2.
Almería: Esteban; Bruno, Acasiete, Chico, Mané; Soriano, Juanito; Juanma Ortíz, Kalu Uche (Solari 87'), Nieto (José Ortíz 70'); Negredo (Julio Alvarez 67'). 4-2-3-1.

Team changes: Racing: Colsa, Toni Moral for Garay, Oscar Serrano / Almería: Chico, Juanito, Nieto for Pellerano, Iriney, Crusat.

0-1. 02. Juanma Ortíz. First time volley past Coltorti from Uche's deflected pass.
0-2. 12. Juanma Ortíz. Picked up Nieto cross and turned past marker to score.

Yellow cards: Moratón 23', Lacen 31', Juanito 48', Marcano 85'.

Racing Santander are still not clear of the relegation struggle either after they were beaten 0-2 by Almería, although with 39 points they only need a point or two to be safe.

Within twelve minutes the Cantabrians were two down, Juanma Ortíz scoring with an impressive volley and then picking up Nieto's cross to make it two.

Zigic headed against the bar the bar shortly before half time and headed another effort over after the restart, but Muñiz's side couldn't beat Esteban and ended the weekend just five points off the drop zone.

Almería themselves are four points above their opponents, now certain of a place in the top flight next season.