First Division - Day 36

Betis 2 - Almería 0

Betis: Ricardo; Melli (Nelson 46'), Juanito, Rivas, Fernando Vega; Arzu, Rivera; Edu, Capi (Emaná 54'), Mark González; Sergio García (Oliveira 75'). 4-2-3-1.
Almería: Diego Alves; Juanma Ortíz, Acasiete, Chico, Guilherme; Soriano, Juanito (Pellerano 77'); Nieto (Julio Alvarez 71'), Kalu Uche, Crusat; Solari (Piatti 60'). 4-2-3-1.

Team changes: Betis: Rivas, Rivera, Capi, Mark González, Sergio García for Nelson, Cañas, Damià, Emaná, Oliveira / Almería: Diego Alves, Acasiete, Chico, Crusat, Solari for Esteban, Michel Macedo, Carlos García, Pellerano, Negredo.

1-0. 05. Mark González. Far post header close to goal from Edu cross.
2-0. 65. Arzu. Beat Diego Alves with long shot from outside of area.

Yellow cards: Melli 22', Rivera 24', Uche 31', Nieto 62', Rivas 74', Mark González 81', Nelson 84' / red cards: Chico 20'.

Betis took a big step towards another year in the top flight, their 2-0 victory over Almería taking them up to the usually safe 40 points. Mark González headed them in front in the fifth minute, and Edu had a chance for a second when Chico was sent off after fouling the forward in the area a quarter of an hour later. Diego Alves saved Edu's spot kick, but Arzu wrapped things up with a shot from outside of the area midway through the second half.