First Division - Day 37

Almería 0 - Espanyol 3

Almería: Diego Alves; Bruno, Carlos García, Pellerano, Mané; Iriney (Julio Alvarez 54'), Soriano (Piatti 79'); Juanma Ortíz (José Ortíz 60'), Kalu Uche, Crusat; Negredo. 4-2-3-1.
Espanyol: Kameni; Chica, Jarque, Torrejón, David García; Moisés Hurtado, Román; Luis García, Iván Alonso (Rufete 84'), Nené (Lola 92'); José Callejón (Coro 72'). 4-2-3-1.

Team changes: Almería: Bruno, Carlos García, Pellerano, Mané, Iriney, Negredo for Acasiete, Chico, Guilherme, Juanito, Nieto, Solari / Espanyol: Chica, Román for Sergio Sánchez, De la Peña.

0-1. 26. Iván Alonso. Got on end of Nené's cross to shoot wide of Diego Alves.
0-2. 71. Iván Alonso. Shot from edge of area which took deflection off Pellerano.
0-3. 89. Coro. Ran on to Luis García's through ball and shot wide of keeper.

Yellow cards: Mané 30', Iriney 46', Crusat 83'.

Espanyol will not be involved in the last day relegation struggle after a 0-3 victory at Almería. Iván Alonso was once again their hero with goals midway through the first and second halves, and Coro wrapped things up with a third right at the end. Pochettino's side have now clocked up seven wins in their last nine games, and their new stadium at Cornellà will be hosting first division football next year. Mnay people, including their bankers, will breath a sigh of relief!