Second Division B - play-offs, day 6

Barcelona Athletic and Alcorcón will occupy the last two spots in the second division next season after winning their respective play-off finals. The Barcelona reserve side drew 0-0 at city rivals Sant Andreu, the controversial last minute penalty in the first leg the only difference between the two sides. The game was watched by a crowd of 15,000, which included the mayor of Barcelona and Sant Andreu president Joan Gaspart, himself a former president of FC Barcelona. Luis Enrique's side had the better of the first half and local striker Miguélez felt he should have had a penalty after the restart, but the scoreline remained unmoved. Barça B return to the second division for the first time in twelve years.

Alcorcón only just made it however, an own goal by Alex three minutes in to injury time giving them a 3-2 win over Ontinyent. The Madrid based side were favourites for a first ever promotion to the second division after the 1-1 away draw in the first leg. But the visitors went two up at the break, Fran Moreno intercepting a bad back-pass to open the scoring, and Raúl Muñoz heading the second following a corner. Goals by Iñigo López and Cascón after the break levelled the scores, but Sergio Mora missed a penalty for the locals before the last gasp winner. The players had to wait another 20 minutes though before the game could end, euphoric fans invading the pitch after the last goal thinking it was all over. (20.06.10)


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