Second division B play-offs

The league stage of the four regional divisions came to an end, with the top four of each division being drawn into four seeded cross-regional groups of four teams.
The qualifying teams from each regional division were as follows:

Group I: Universidad Las Palmas, Zamora, Lanzarote, Pontevedra
Group II: Real Unión, Barakaldo, Logroñés, Athletic B
Group III : Castellón, Barcelona B, Burgos, Gramanet
Group IV: Algeciras, Málaga B, Ciudad de Murcia, Cádiz

The four cross-regional groups were made up as follows (see links for results and match reports):

Group A: Universidad Las Palmas, Barcelona B, Logroñes, Cádiz
Group B: Algeciras, Zamora, Burgos, Athletic Bilbao B
Group C: Real Unión, Lanzarote, Málaga B, Gramanet
Group D: Castellón, Barakaldo, Ciudad de Murcia, Pontevedra

Each team will play home and away over a period of six weeks, and the winner of each group will be promoted to the second division A.