Second division B play-offs

The league stage of the second division B ended today, with sixteen teams going in to the play-offs for the four promotion spots. Qualifying sides from the four regional groups were as follows:

Group I: Pontevedra, Rayo Vallecano, Racing Ferrol, Universidad Las Palmas;
Group II: Eibar, Burgos, Palencia, Real Unión;
Group III: Alicante, Huesca, Alcoyano, L'Hospitalet;
Group IV: Sevilla Atlético, Linares, Portuense, Córdoba.

Sides will be drawn into four cross-regional groups, with semi-finals and finals to be played over two legs. (26.05.07)

The four cross-regional groups were made up as follows:

Group A: Universidad Las Palmas v Sevilla Atlético; Alcoyano v Burgos.
Group B: Córdoba v Pontevedra; Palencia v Huesca.
Group C: Real Unión v Alicante; Racing Ferrol v Linares.
Group D: L'Hospitalet v Eibar; Portuense v Rayo Vallecano.

Teams will play home and away, with the winners meeting in a group final, also played over two legs starting at the ground of the lower ranked side. The winner of each group final will be promoted to the second division A. (28.05.07)

Four teams from each of the four regional groups were relegated, and the four teams finishing fifth from bottom in each group will play off to avoid the two remaining relegation spots. They will be replaced by 18 sides who win through the division three play-offs (top four of each of the 18 regional groups to take part), which once again will be on a straight knock out basis. The sides relegated were as follows (subject to appeals and relegations for financial reasons which will be decided at the end of July):

Group I: Gimnastica Torrelavega, Cobeña, Orientación Maritima, Racing B;
Group II: Alfaro, Universidad Oviedo, Real Oviedo, Amurrio;
Group III: Sant Andreu, Eldense, Barcelona B, Barbastro;
Group IV: Cerro Reyes, Villanueva, Villanovense, Málaga B.

The draw for the relegation play-off threw together the following fixtures: Pájara Playas v Extremadura; Valladolid B v Valencia Mestalla. Teams will play over two legs, with the losers going down. (28.05.07)

Results were as follows:

First leg, 3rd June:
Pájara Playas 3 - Extremadura 0
Valladolid B 2 - Valencia B 1

Second leg, 10th June:
Extremadura 1 - Pájara Playas 1
Valencia B 1 - Valladolid B 1

Relegated: Extremadura and Valencia Mestalla

As mentioned above, eighteen sides will be promoted from the regional third division to replace those relegated. This is one more than last season due to the splitting up of the Navarra/La Rioja group into two divisions. The top four from each of the 18 regional third divisions will be drawn into groups of four, with one first placed side, one second, one third and one fourth playing off on a knock out basis over two legs (semi-finals and then final). Unlike previous years there will be no regional split. (26.05.07)

The eighteen sides who won through were as follows:
Algeciras, Betis B, Conquense, Denia, Deportivo B, Eivissa, Fuerteventura, Gavá, Girona, Guadalajara, Lucena, Mazarrón, Ontinyent, Peña Sport, Sabadell, San Isidro, Villa Santa Brigida, Villarreal B.

The promotion and relegation spots are still subject to any changes due to automatic relegation of any club who are not up to date with payments to their players by the end of July. (24.06.06)